A Space for Transactions:

Desks, Installations and Workflow in a Fast-Paced Service Environment


One of the most important areas in a facility is the space in which you complete transactions for your customers. Point of sale areas, order fulfillment desks, service counters and terminals are the nexus points of activity, and as such need to be properly maintained and designed.


The Problem

Hertz Rentals recently renovated one of their locations and was in need of a new POS area. This included walls, paint, electrical and a front counter where customers could be served. Hertz relies on Dogwood’s experts for many of their renovations in addition to regularly scheduled facility maintenance. Our team fabricated the millwork offsite, after making correct measurements and confirming designs. After installing partition walls, we added paint and taped a section off to prepare for applying Hertz’s logo, brand colours and styling behind the POS area. We Completed the painting, with walls ready to hand the company’s signage and rates board. Millwork and sales terminal units installed.

“I echo what our Operations Manager said – I was very impressed with how responsive you all were to this project. Well done!”


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