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A sizable and expansive crack was found in the floor at Ballard Power’s offices. Even small cracks in a building’s floor or walls can lead to leaks, trip hazards, and building integrity problems.

The Solution

After removing the floor tiles and furnishings, Dogwood’s team filled the crack with expandable foam suited to this application. A layer of concrete was added to finish sealing and leveling the floor. With the new floor installed, our experts began re-tiling. A perfect match is not always possible. It depends on availability of the tile that was used. In small areas, it is often best to replace the entire floor. In a sizeable space like this, the most cost effective solution is to get as closely matched as possible.



The damage was fully repaired, and the room restored to use. The work was conducted over night so as to minimize disruption to the company’s staff and operations.

What Can We Learn?

So aside from the obvious (impact, such as from a car or equipment) what causes concrete damage? Start by thinking about the basic characteristics of concrete—strong in compression, weak in tension. Therefore, a crack implies that the concrete was in tension. Recognize that the crack is always perpendicular to the direction of the tension—always!

Some other common causes of concrete damage:

  • Corrosion of reinforcing steel
  • Freeze-thaw disintegration
  • Drying shrinkage cracks
  • Blisters and delamination
  • Cracks from structural loads
If you have concrete at your facility that’s in need of repair, don’t wait! The problem can only get worse, and like all things in life, the sooner the issue is addressed the better. Ballard Power made the right call here, dealing with the problem as soon as it became apparent. Contact Dogwood Ltd. and our experts will work with you to ensure timely repair of your damaged concrete

“The contractors who did the work are exceptional. This was the first time we used them, and we will certainly do so again. Professional, clean, and precise.
Great work!”


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