Apple required additional desk space for its in-house staff at one of its busy BC locations. They had not anticipated the number of customers would be so high, and needed room for their technicians to work on customizing computers, install hardware and troubleshoot issues.

Apple is universally known as an organization who puts exceptional design in the forefront of its brand. They create exceptional products which they can justify charging a premium for. Their stores reflect this elite stance in the market place, and their management understandably demands the very best in materials and custom work.

Our challenge was to design, manufacture, and install countertops and shelves to help optimize Apple’s staff work-flow in their store. We selected a product called Corian, which is a made by DuPont. Corian is an incredibly innovative material, which allows for flowing, virtually seamless, organic shapes, with bold effects of color and translucency — if it can be imagined, it can be created. Just like Apple’s vision for computing and communication.

Corian is available in a wide range of trendsetting patterns and tones, as well as custom-designed colors. In this case, we selected a durable, clean gloss white to match the brand guide and design requirements of Apple’s stores, and to maintain the minimalist elements apparent in their styling. We worked with Apple’s managers to understand their needs, wants, budget and requirements. No detail was over-looked.After carefully taking measurements of the workspace, we sourced, designed and manufactured the units. This is where our expertise shines: knowing who to contact, which vendors to utilize on any given project, the most appropriate materials to use, and which order to proceed in.The finished installations took a total of 6 weeks to complete, including initial consultation and design. Simple solutions are often not simple at all. To keep things simple in appearance is much more challenging than it appears, as anyone who has tried to manage their own renovation or construction project can attest to. This is why Apple relies on us to get the work done, while we manage the complexities of design and build-out behind the scenes. The end result belays the innovation involved, which is as it should be. We sell great service, not complexity and hassle.


The Result

Apple got the space they so badly needed, and were extremely pleased with the results. We appreciate the touch of branded humour in the letter from management! These guys have style!

What We Learned

This project reinforced the value of focusing on quality and durability, and the importance of listening to a customer’s wants and needs. By listening to our customers and understanding their requirements, we are able to actively engage our expertise and deliver a solution that fits their project perfectly. Making the decision to choose custom, versus commodity, millwork is an important aspect of renovations, and must be made based on your brand needs, budget, and expected usage.Apple maintains their healthy market position through an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in design… and we do the same.

“I have seen the store and this is perfect. You’ve done excellent job”


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