Our #1 Priority is Safety

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever – for families, friends, communities, and coworkers too. Human loss and suffering is immeasurable. Every person who leaves for work in the morning should expect to return home at night in good health. This is our expectation, and our commitment to our employees, to the organizations we serve, and to the public as a whole.

Dogwood Safety Team

In our industry, no priority – not quality or even service – can rank before safety.

Aside from the obvious need to safe-guard the well-being of people Dogwood recognizes many additional benefits to upholding a rigorous safety program. A well-designed and properly implemented safety program leads to a reduction in down-time due to incidents, thereby reducing business costs to create productive work environments. Worker Compensation insurance claims decrease, in turn lowering WCB Rates. This is a benefit to any company that has to pre-qualify to work. For us and for our clients and business partners, putting Safety First is not only a wise business decision, it’s an integral part of the values we uphold as a team.

Nothing to hide

As with other areas of our business, we don’t simply talk a good game – we deliver. Our commitment to safety in the workplace is something we are immensely proud of, and as such we opt for total transparency when it comes to what our standards actually are. Click the link below to download a copy Dogwood’s Health and Safety Manual our teams are held accountable for.

Health & Safety Manual

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All of our technicians are POST certified.

What is POST?

POST (Petroleum Oriented Safety Training) is a petroleum-industry-based safety certification process. It represents the essential benchmark in petroleum and oil sector safety.

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