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Book your free, no obligation Facility Audit today.

"I’ve got tons of time to get quotes and manage vendors…" says no Facility Manager ever. Not to mention calling them when they don’t show up and harassing them to get a quote. Let Dogwood take a load off your shoulders by sending one of our professional property maintenance evaluators to your desired location for a Facility Audit.

Your free audit includes:

  • a walk through of the building and property with your location manager
  • a summary of immediate repair and building maintenance deficiencies
  • a list of items nearing their lifespan, and estimated repair or replacement dates
  • a detailed cost estimate to assist you with budgeting
  • working with you to create a property maintenance and repair plan that fits your budget

Did we mention free and no obligation? To book your Facility Audit, simply complete this form. We’ll respond within 24 hours to set up your audit. And you’ll receive your report and estimates 3 days after the audit.